Investing for your Future

Get an independent, helpful expert who will listen to your goals for the future, understand your current investments, and focus your attention on important matters.


Investing in Shares OR PROPERTY

If you have investments in shares or property and you need advice on Capital Gains Tax, tax benefits, reducing debt, etc, then please speak to an accountant at PFG. They can help you understand what steps to take.

If you are contemplating important investments and need advice to decide on strategy or funds, then you’ll want a holistic financial plan from a licensed financial adviser, so see below…

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The team at Lifetime Wealth Partners (located in Redcliffe or Geebung) can help you plan for financial security. They will listen and work with you to meet your financial and life goals.

LWP are authorised by GWM Adviser Services to provide advice in relation to:

  • Wealth Accumulation

  • Income and Asset Protection

  • Tax Strategies

  • Superannuation

  • Retirement and Redundancy Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Government Benefits

  • Debt Management

A first appointment is free. After speaking with you, all disclosures, including any costs associated with the plan, will be laid out for your reading.



PFG can administer your trust. This involves managing trust requirements, resolutions, minutes and documentation.

We can also review your trust to ensure the trust structure is appropriate for your needs.

Benefits of Using a Trust

There are many types of trust, with the most popular being a discretionary trust. A trust can provide various benefits, such as:

Asset protection – The assets of the trust are separated from the assets of the beneficiaries. Therefore the assets of the trust may be protected from creditors if a beneficiary was to be sued.

Tax planning – With a discretionary trust, the trustee has the flexibility to determine which beneficiaries are to receive the income and/or capital of the trust. This can help to reduce the overall tax paid by beneficiaries.

Tax losses – While a trust cannot distribute losses they may carry forward losses to be used in certain circumstances in future years

Capital gains – A discretionary trust is entitled to a 50% discount on any capital gains made on the disposal of assets held by the trust, if held for greater than 12 months.

There are many kinds of trust that may be utilised for your specific set of circumstances. Trusts are often used in estate planning to ensure that loved ones are looked after when the parents or grandparents have gone.